Roger Christian

Academy Award winner ROGER CHRISTIAN (Director) won an Academy Award for set decoration on Star Wars directed by George Lucas.  Lucas subsequently tapped Christian to direct the second unit on Return of the Jedi and chose Roger to helm alongside him on Star Wars The Phantom Menace.Christian finished filming the main unit when Lucas had to go back to America.

Lucas gave Christian the opportunity to direct the short film he wrote, entitled Black Angel, which accompanied the release of

The Empire Strikes Back.
Star Wars; Return of the Jedi 2nd Unit Director for George Lucas
Star Wars The Phantom Menace 2nd Unit Director for George Lucas

 Recently restored; Black Angel screened at Mill Valley Film Festival and Glasgow Film Festival to enormous acclaim.

Dollar Bottom.
His second short film won an academy award as best dramatic short film. Based on an original story by James Kennedy who was nominated for an academy award as writer for Tunes of Glory.

Cinema Alchemist
Christians book on the real behind the scenes of making the first Star Wars, Alien and Dollar Bottom, written as a mentoring and inspirational guide for all filmmakers as all three films had impossibly low budgets, yet they were made and all three-changed cinema.

The list of directing credits include,  The Sender nominated for Best Film by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films, Nostradamus starring Julia Ormond, TchekyKaryo, F Murray Abraham, RutgerHauer and Amanda Plummer, Underworld starring Denis Leary, Joe Montagna, and AnabellaSciorra.An HBO premier release worldwide, Masterminds starring Patrick Stewart, Vincent Kartheiser and Brenda Fricker. Cinema release for Columbia Pictures and HBO premier.

Christian has been president of the jury for the
Tarkofsky film festival in Ivanovo in Russia.
The Rabat Film Festival in Morocco.
Jury member for
St Petersburg International Film Festival, Russia
Malatya film festivalin Malatya Turkey.
KrakowOff Plus Camera film festival in Poland
Goa International Film Festival